Todi, also known as "the best town in the world in which to live", is a medieval town of unique beauty and elegance, located on top of a hill overlooking the enchanting Tiber valley, a few kilometers from the cities of Perugia and Orvieto.

 Todi was founded between the eighth and seventh century BCbyUmbrians and later dominated by Etruscans and Romans.Todi Piazza del Popolo

The city is enclosed within 3 walls (Etruscan, Roman and medieval) and full of both above ground and underground treasures, such as the Roman cisterns that are located under  Piazza del Popolo, and which were once used to collect 'rain water. Todi is well known for its medieval quartersand alleys and for its many architectural and cultural wonders such as the Duomo, the Temple of Consolation, todi consolazionebuilt in the sixteenth century according to a design by Bramante, the Church of San Fortunato dedicated to the patron saint of the city and built in the thirteenth century, whose crypthouses the tomb of the humanist poet Jacopone da Todi, a thirteenth-century poet who composed historical laudi poems such as "O Signor, per cortesia".

Around Todi it is still possible to admire the numerous castles that were once used as fortresses to defend the town, among them the Castle of Frontignano, the Castle of Speltara and San Terenziano.

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