Monte Castello di Vibio

Monte Castello di Vibio has been defined as one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy". It was built in the form of a typical medieval castle, and is situated ina strategic position overlooking the Tiber valley. 

Because of its  position, at the end of the 18th century Monte Castello di Vibio became a "capocantone", a place with important administrative and military power over a vast territory that went from the Tiber  river to Terni.teatro della concordia

The jewel in the crown of this village is the Teatro della Concordia, the smallest Italian style theater in the world, with 99 seats split between the boxes and the stalls. The theater was created  on the initiative of some illustrious families of the village who wanted to build a place for entertainment and meetings in Monte Castello.It was inaugurated in 1808, and named after the“harmony betweenpeoples” that was being promoted in Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

teatro piccoloIn the historic center, which mirrors thestructure of  classic medieval villages, you can see the church of Sant'Illuminata or SantissimoCrocifisso (originating in the fifteenth century), which houses sacredwooden crucifix , the gate  tower of Maggio , a crenellated tower built to watch over the valley towards Todi, from which Monte Castello once defended itself from  the continuous incursions of the nearby town of Todi, the 19th century church of Saints Filippo and Giacomoand the 16th century chapel of the Madonna delleCarceri.

It is worth visiting the remains of the abbey of San Lorenzo in Vibiata, an ancient Romanesque building which is nearby, while  in Doglio there is the abbey of Santa Maria in Monte and the seventeenth-century oratory of Santa Maria alleRotelle.

From the terrace of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II you can admire a wide and spectacular view to the south of Umbria as far as the mountains of Lazio and Abruzzo.

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